Really Lindsay? A party or your Freedom and you choose………

Lindsay Lohan is due in court May 20 to see if she has violated the terms of her probation. Reports are that she is trying to get a sponsor to fly her to the Cannes Film Festival even though that would almost certainly be a violation on several levels of her probation.

First, She has not competed the ridiculous order to attend alcohol prevention classes every 21 days, and second there are usually travel restrictions when on probation. I am not sure what Lindsay’s are but she sure had it easy with the “classes.” Any Judge should know that a schedule of classes like she gave to Lohan is ridiculous. That order is not meant and will not help anybody.

In my opinion, there are two things going wrong here. Lohan with her warped thinking that she will risk jail in order to party and “save” her career and the Judge who made such silly orders in the first place. Probation requirements should be there to keep the defendant accountable and help them maintain their sobriety and freedom. Lohan forgets that her CHOICES are going to cost her this freedom.

People who are lucky enough to receive alternative sentences, like Lohan, need to be grateful. Otherwise, the criminal justice system looks at them like all alternatives are failures and will no longer afford people these options. That would be sad for those who work hard to regain their lives and are grateful for these options.

We will see what happens, and in the meantime judges learn about what type of alternatives you are handing down and what works. Try adding some community service and making combination alternatives. Be creative because something has to change.

This insider cautions Lohan to stop and think about her choices. Your party or your Freedom?


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