Lil Wayne and Plaxico- why do you keep getting in trouble in Prison?

This week it was revealed that Lil Wayne was caught at Rikers Island with MP3 equipment. This, after reports that he has been “blogging” from prison. Hmmmm. I assure you he has no Internet access at Rikers and the blogs must have been a brilliant PR idea from his yes people.

Also, in trouble, for “lying” about a cell phone, is Plaxico Burress. Remember, Plaxico is in jail for lying about having a gun and accidentally shooting himself.

And then there is TI. TI was on Larry King last night talking about his recent stay in Federal Prison and all of his past legal troubles. TI explained that he not only was sentenced to prison time, he also served time on house arrest and in a halfway house. In addition, he has community service. This makes sense, and TI talks like a man who has learned from his experience. As part of his community service he works with at risk youth and tries to get others to learn from his past. He says he is a “retired” gangster.

As you may know, I am a huge believer in community service. Judges do not order it enough. It is, as I say in a previous blog, the key to reforming our criminal justice system. Community Service helps the community and the offender in many ways. Just ask TI.

So, what do we learn from these three? Simple, prison does not mean change, personal responsibility does. Until Lil Wayne and Plaxico loose the entitlement, they will keep coming back like Lawrence Taylor.

Guys, change is possible. But, it takes lots of work.


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