Bling Robber-TV star? Good job Judge Leslie A. Swain

Today the first of the BLING RING burglars received her sentence. Alexis Neiers received six months in county jail, three years probation and a restitution hearing to determine how much of the $600,000 she will have to repay. But, after pleading no contest, she still says she did nothing wrong.

In fact, up until now, she has been rewarded for her alleged “crime spree” with a reality show on E. What a horrible message to young people and us all. Now, she may learn a lesson but probably not. The good news is she is only 18 and may have time to get real and grow up.

So, what to do? First, we must look at her mother who is a part of the TV show and a wannabe Kris Kardashian. Really? Kris would never go for this. Keep dreaming mom. It’s too bad being a narcissistic, poor mother is not a crime. Oops, that would mean Dina Lohan would have to fess up too.

I love reality TV, celebrities and Los Angeles, but I love my freedom more. I hope that all of the Alexis Neiers family gets real and learns from this. Being a burglar is not glamorous and jail isn’t either.

This insider hopes we all learn from this and that the Bling gang members still to be sentenced learn too and start practicing Restorative Justice NOW. See kids, in the end crime does not pay even if you are on TV. Start changing now. It is possible.


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