Ladies of The View-get a clue!!

Usually I am a fan of the View, especially Joy and Whoopi. So, imagine my surprise at how they discussed the Lawrence Taylor case today. Basically, Hasselbeck made it all about whether or not prostitution should be legalized. That is not the point in a case like this.  There really are two things to consider, the situation I wrote about last week in regards to LT’s choices and the broader issue of crimes against children.

The question at hand is not whether or not LT knew her age. The question I am raising now is that since we all know she was only 16, why do people act so naïve? The ladies of the View, with the exception of Barbara Walters, were not focusing on the fact that child prostitution; runaways and traffickers are the issue. Teenage prostitution is on the rise as are teen runaways. They run away for many reasons including abuse at home, drug abuse and thoughts of an exciting life.

Several months ago, a member of our Pasadena Mental Health Advisory Board spoke about the growing problem of teen prostitution and the lack of space in shelters because of the growing numbers. Even I was surprised as Pasadena is generally considered to be a nice city with many resources. But, it can and does happen anywhere.

Many people think that I am against prison time in most cases. This is not true. I believe that the time needs to fit the crime. Crimes against children are in a league of their own. In this case the Feds are involved because the pimp was transporting the girl. Federal charges will be much tougher to fight and the pimp and LT should get ready.

You see, I help people prepare for prison and re-entry so that no matter what they come out a better person. Like I have been saying. Change is possible. In this case we who work in criminal justice have a lot of awareness to raise. Just ask the ladies of the View


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