LT-are you ready now? Personal change is possible.

As well all know NFL legend- LT-Lawrence Taylor was arrested yesterday in NY. But, this case leaves many unanswered questions. First, what was LT doing there and how did he know what pimp to call? Did he see the bruise on the girl’s face and was he drinking or using drugs? We cannot tell by the preliminary charges the answers to these questions. What we do know is that LT bought himself a load of trouble for $300.

This does not mean that I think LT actually committed a crime. He may truly have been set up. But, really that is not the point in my opinion. That is for a judge to decide at a later date. The point is that LT did himself harm in even fighting the bail amount. For example, LT was going to be able financially to afford any reasonable bond. Fighting the bond only served the public interest by naming all of LT’s past criminal problems. Many of these were unknown or had been forgotten.

So, now LT is behind the eight ball even more in the court of public opinion. For an “entitled” athlete that can be very damaging. But, if given proper guidance, and a new lawyer, LT maybe able to move forward and address these charges and come to terms that he did something wrong. Again, I have no idea if he committed a crime, but I do know he placed himself with people he should not be around and in a precarious situation. He has embarrassed himself and his family and needs to start with some self-reflection and practice restorative justice at least with his family.

I have heard LT called every name in the book by many in media. The same media who were praising him on Dancing With The Stars a few months ago. Let’s not judge LT before his day in court, but we should help him to see the light, accept blame for what he did do and stop acting so entitled.

LT- just as you claim your sobriety as positive change-personal change is still possible.


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