Is Prison the answer for Cameron Douglas? YES!

There is much talk again today about the son of actor Michael Douglas and his prison sentence. Michael Douglas made comments on the Today show and in People magazine that state he believes prison will help his son.

Obviously, the Douglas family has been well coached and is trying to make the best out of their situation. Cameron will enter a Federal program called RDAP. This is a nine-month program followed in most cases by time in a halfway house and after care. RDAP is the only Federal program that allows for a sentence reduction. Back in the day a one-year reduction was the norm. Not anymore, as the demand for RDAP is substantial.

As a RDAP graduate, I can tell you that RDAP, just like change is no picnic and takes work. To participate in RDAP an inmate must have full BOP compliance and attend group meetings daily. These are not AA meetings and actually require participation.

I have read many opinions and comments about Cameron’s sentence length and rehab possibilities. His length of his sentence was altered by his “cooperation” and not his celebrity and any further reduction will be because of his RDAP completion.

So, why is much of the press viewing prison rehab and Michael and Cameron Douglas in such a negative way?  Maybe too many celebrity excuses and “sex rehab” scandals? Too bad because five years of sobriety never hurt anybody.

This insider hopes that the Douglas family will practice restorative justice and allow time and hard work to make a positive difference.

Yes, change is possible-even for celebrities.


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