Why the Lindsay Lohan case and it’s cast of characters is in need of an intervention themselves.

The big news in the Lindsay Lohan saga today is not that her father called the cops again, but that he hired famed attorney Lisa Bloom. Yes, that Lisa Bloom who appears on TV gossip shows. Not to say that Ms Bloom is a poor lawyer, she represented me back in the day, but she is known for being a media personality more than a lawyer.

Michael Lohan himself should understand that pushing a drug addict and threatening them never works. Moreover, showing up with cops doesn’t look too brilliant either. So, what is he trying to do, REALLY?

He claims he is trying to save both of his daughter’s lives. Nice thought but there are other ways to go about it. First, stop making deals. Everyone knows there is no way to make deals with an addict. Next, he must stop placing conditions on all of the meetings he would like.  What is it? Conditional tough love? Please get real Michael. No matter what, you want press. Otherwise you would handle this the legal way and call her probation officer or her judge directly. Surely Lisa Bloom knows how to do this. But, that wouldn’t get you advance press. Poor Lindsay. She will be the one going to court all right and it will be against YOU.

This insider says that all involved need to get real. Lives are at stake and our criminal justice system should have zero tolerance to a mess like this. Otherwise, you all will be calling me on how to prepare to go to prison. Well, except Michael-been there done that and surely he did not learn anything about restorative justice and humility. Keep working on it. Change is possible.

Wendy Feldman is president of Custodial Coaching, the only woman run Prison Coaching organization in the United States. She served 18 months in Federal Prison for financial crimes. She is available for media interviews, and offers insight into the criminal justice system, life behind bars, and how to best return to a normal life after incarceration. Custodial Coaching is the leading prison preparation and advising service in the United States. Please contact Wendy at wendy@custodialcoaching.com.


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