This insider says there is an obvious place to begin the fight against crime.

Prison Consultant And Criminal Justice Expert Says We Are Missing The Obvious When It Comes To Reducing Crime And Changing Our Criminal Justice System

Former inmate and prison insider, Wendy Feldman believes there is a simple start to solving the huge problem in our criminal justice system- community service and community involvement

// On Friday, April 9, 2010, I had the privilege of attending an event at Loyola Law School in Los Angeles, Ca. The event was called the Fidler Institute on Criminal Justice. It was a virtual who’s who of the criminal justice world, including several State and Federal Judges. Congressman Adam Schiff delivered the keynote speech.

This insider believes that all of these experts are missing the boat on how to reform our criminal justice system.  While there is no doubt that the conference was an informative and positive discussion, the disconnect between having learned about our system and actually surviving it are vastly different.

All of the panels had well known and well respected presenters and experts. But, never was it more obvious to me that as a society we must put ego and politics aside when talking about prison reform and  crime reduction.

One solution, and a starting point for change, is an old yet simple concept- Community Service or, as I like to call it Community Involvement. I believe that every sentence should include Community Service as a component, not as an alternative, but as a part of the actual sentence and probation.

Why? Simple: Community Service helps the offender and the community while being cost effective and economically stimulating. Performing community service boosts self-esteem while assisting those in need. It is impossible to offer paying jobs to all previous offenders upon release, but not impossible to offer service positions in most cases.

This insider challenges those who work in criminal justice to look at the simple things and start effecting true change. It is possible.


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